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You're pregnant - congratulations!

Having a baby can be an exciting but daunting time for women and their partners, there is a lot to think about and plan for. There are many questions and choices to make so we hope the information on this website will help you. Our aim is to work in partnership with you, your partner and family to achieve a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth.

Maternity services are provided across east Kent in the community and in four different hospital settings. Midwives work in all areas of the community and in our hospitals. Obstetricians are based at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and the Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate. Every pregnant woman needs a midwife and some need a doctor too.

Getting in touch

As soon as you suspect or know you are pregnant we recommend you make an appointment with one of our experienced midwives as soon as possible - ideally before the tenth week of pregnancy.

Seeing a midwife at an early stage will ensure you are given all the information that you need right from the start to help you make the right choices for you and your baby. There are some routine screening tests that need to be carried out by the tenth week of pregnancy, so an early appointment with a midwife will enable you to discuss these tests and plan appropriately. 

You can book to see a midwife with us in one of several ways:

  • Contact your GP practice and ask for a direct appointment with the midwife based there.
  • Contact the Community Midwife Team directly who will arrange an appointment for you.

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies can choose to have all of their care with a midwife. Some women may need additional support from a consultant if there are any identified risk factors, such as diabetes or obesity.

An ultrasound scan will be arranged which is usually performed between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. This gives the midwife a predicted delivery date for your baby’s birth and gives you the opportunity to take home your very first picture of your baby in the womb.

The Journey - pregnancy, labour and beyond

East Kent Hospitals has put together a series of films which will take you on a journey through pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Take a look now...

  • Acting Head of Midwifery - Helen Bland
  • Community Midwifery Manager - Jeanett Salisbury
  • Matron, QEQM - Helen Bland
  • Matron, WHH - Lindis Harris
  • Women's Health Lead / WHH Lead Obstetrician  - Kate Neales
  • QEQM Lead Obstetrician - Prakash Belgaumkah

As well as our midwifery, obstetrics and specialist medical and nursing staff and clinical support workers, Maternity Services at East Kent are also supported by dedicated reception staff, housekeeping, portering and catering, managers and administrators, - all of whom help maintain our high standards of cleanliness and personalised care.

Every member of our team is trained and supported to provide safe, high quality care. We pride ourselves on our high standards.

Information about our hospitals

Please click the links below for lots of information about visiting our hospitals (including travel and parking):

Maternity Community Liaison Office

  • Tel: 01227 864152

Birth Afterthoughts Service

Canterbury Maternity Centre

  • Tel: 01227 783105

William Harvey Hospital

Delivery Suite

  • Tel: 01233 616124

Singleton Midwife-led Unit

  • Tel: 01233 651868

Maternity Day care/ Foetal Medicine

  • Tel: 01233 616638

Folkestone Ward

  • Tel: 01233616628 

Dover Maternity Centre

  • Tel: 01304 222523

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital

Delivery suite

  • Tel: 01843 292494

St Peters Midwife-led Unit

  • Tel: 01843 235100

Maternity Day Care

  • Tel: 01843 234483

Foetal Medicine/Antenatal Clinic

  • Tel: 01843225544 ext 62109

Kingsgate Ward

  • Tel: 01843 234586

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I have my baby in east Kent?

Please see the 'Where to have your baby' section of our website

What do I need to bring to the hospital with me?

Please see our 'Preparing for labour' section

What help can I receive during my pregnancy?

Please see our 'Antenatal care' section

What are the visiting time for the labour wards?

In labour we welcome birth partners to stay with you throughout your labour. In order to maintain privacy for you in labour, we recommend no more than two birth partners.

Folkestone and Kingsgate Wards

  • New extended visiting for partners/significant other (one person only) - 24hrs
  • 4pm - 7pm general visiting and own children only

Please note: no other children are permitted in the ward areas and we respectfully request only two visitors for each woman at general visiting.

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