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Glenn here – I'm the overall, lead Resuscitation Officer for the Trust and so boss to all this crew.  My NHS career has spanned decades, although I did manage to fit in being a policeman first.  My background was in Theatres, giving me loads of experience in dealing with both foreseen and unforeseen situations involving patients.

I love teaching, particularly on the paediatric/newborn side of things, as well as offering clinical support and guidance to staff. As I teach around all the sites in the Trust, I get to meet a huge variety of staff and can keep an ear on both compliments and concerns. I am an instructor in everything from NLS to GIC and have been for many a year.  I believe I was one of the very first ALS instructors in the country.

Apparently my colleagues feel I’m a bit untidy at work, but that doesn't seem to matter to my four dogs at home, or the six cats, two guinea pigs and quite a lot of fish. They are my hobby, along with my family.

Glenn Whitney



Hello, Sue Chapman here. I seem to have been around a while as a resuscitation officer (not as long as some I hasten to add). I started in the role as resuscitation officer at K&C in 1999. I spent 6 years at QEQMH and have now come back to my original spot at K&CH.

I love teaching and trying to support staff during both classroom and clinical situations. I feel very lucky to be involved in a subject that is valued, highly important and worthwhile. It’s great to meet many different members of staff from all types of backgrounds. I also value working clinically to maintain my skills and remain credible when teaching resuscitation skills. Prior to this job I worked in ITU & CCU as a nurse, with my true love being Coronary Care. My hobbies are riding my motorbike and the martial art Taekwondo, but this does not mean I am a violent person, though my husband does tend to do as he’s told… (sometimes)

Sue Chapman


I'm Jane, the Resuscitation Service Trainer.  I am the ‘non-clinical background’ member of the Resus Service, which I joined a very long, long time ago, as the Co-ordinator/Administrator.  I still undertake part of that role, in providing senior admin support for all the national courses; ALS / ATLS / NLS / EPALS. In other words, if you need a course, just email us ( ) and we’ll endeavour to help.

However, working alongside such talented people, I gained personal development along clinical lines by first becoming a Heartstart (Emergency Life Support) instructor, in association with the British Heart Foundation.  I loved the teaching aspect and so went on to achieve First Aid at Work instructor status.

These days, I am an ILS provider and FAW instructor/assessor, as well as a holder of the Diploma in Education and Training. I will teach first aid/resuscitation skills to anyone standing still for long enough!

I am now old enough to get senior citizen discounts for things and thus have flexibly retired.  Because I enjoy the job so much though, I am still around for a couple of days per week.

In my ‘spare’ time I sing with my local church choir (serious stuff) and for other groups (less serious stuff).  I do weddings too!  I also indulge my passion for drama by being a member of Minster Playhouse.  I have a long suffering husband of over thirty years and a son who now works abroad; I don’t think it was anything I said….

Jane Daulman


Hello, Nick here… I've been around for a long time and I'm the oldest of the team!

I first registered as a nurse back in 1978 and have worked in HCOOP (Geriatrics back in the day), A&E and theatre recovery/anaesthetics.

I completed the first proper UK ALS course in 1993 and became an ALS instructor in 1994. On the 1st April 1995 I became the first and only Resuscitation Officer for South East Health Authority. So does that make it the longest April Fools joke in history?!

I love my work and am quite passionate about the care of the acutely ill patient, be they old or young, and I enjoy teaching all those lovely people out there.

These days I only work three days a week which gives me much more time to spend with my lovely wife, my daughter and her family.

Most of that time is spent with our two horses and walking our dog, but I also find time to practice and teach the martial arts of Aikido and Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu
Nick Bailey


Hello, I am Emma; Resuscitation Officer for the WHH site. I originally started my career in the NHS back in 2001, in the neonatal world (NICU) at Canterbury. I was seconded from there to do my nurse training and subsequently enjoyed a career at KCH in acute adult nursing. My specialties have involved Neurology, Emergency Care and Intensive Care, until joining the Resuscitation Service here at the beginning of 2014. So you could say I am the youngest of the group - in Resus Officer years anyhow!

My interest in resuscitation first began by being encouraged and supported from my fellow colleagues, to help by getting involved with some of the courses they run. From this I became an ALS instructor, leading to the relevant qualifications and experience for this role; so you could argue it is partly their fault they have to put up with me now!  Joking aside, it is very rewarding, and I am very proud to be a part of the Resuscitation team and to be able to combine their original support and teaching with my clinical experience and offer the same back to other members of staff now.

Emma Duncan, Resuscitation Officer


Hi Everyone :) I’m Ewa – Resuscitation Support Worker for Kent and Canterbury. I started as a Technician in the Emergency Care Centre and Minor Injuries Unit in 2007. My background is that I completed my Paramedic Studies in Poland, before moving here.  I am now trying to sort out professional Registration, which is proving rather challenging, but I will get there eventually :)  (fingers crossed).

I joined the Resuscitation Service in 2013. To make my life more interesting I now work for both – the Resuscitation Team and Minor Injuries at K&C on days, nights and weekends. Exciting isn’t it? It is good to be able to do a fair share of clinical and non-clinical work and I love it!

My role within the Resus team is mainly chasing up Emergency Call Audits. I am sure you get a lot of lovely emails with reminders from me :)  I also help with training as much as I can and liaise with Resuscitation Link Nurses and Managers regarding course bookings or general Resuscitation enquiries. Other than that – a million other admin tasks for the Resus Team and for all of you. Always happy to help!  

When I am not at work I spend time with my husband (if shift work will allow both of us to have a day off together!), going to the movies, meeting with friends or travelling back to Poland to meet with friends and family there :)  No cats, no dogs, no children – not yet at least :) 


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