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Guide to urgent care at Kent & Canterbury Hospital

The right care, in the right place, at the right time

Kent & Canterbury Hospital does not have an A&E (and hasn’t had one for ten years). If you need urgent care, you will still receive it but it will be in the right place for your condition and needs. We are unable to treat a number of conditions at K&C due to the right doctors being unavailable at the hospital. 

From 19 June 2017, the urgent care centre at K&C will provide a minor injuries and minor illnesses service 24/7. 

The centre has had to temporarily stop providing services for people with heart conditions, stroke and serious illnesses like pneumonia. Find out more...

A small number of other patients will need care at the A&E departments at Ashford and Margate where we have the right staff and facilities to provide the specialist care needed. These include patients who: 

• need treatment for being severely intoxicated by alcohol

• have a mental health problem but no physical problem, eg, minor injury or overdose of drugs that requires treatment

• may need abdominal surgery. 

These criteria were introduced for ambulances at the beginning of May 2016  and we implemented this for all other patients who go to K&C from 6 July 2016.

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