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East Kent Breast Screening Programme

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Breast screening is currently offered at 3-yearly intervals to women aged from 50 up to their 71st birthday in England. 


Currently there is a trial to examine the effectiveness of offering some women one extra screen from 47 up to their 50th birthday and one from 71 to 73. 


Women will first be invited for screening within the 3 years after their 50th birthday, although in some areas they will be invited from the age of 47 as part of the age extension trial.


 Women may be eligible for breast screening before the age of 50, and/or at different screening intervals, if they have a very high risk of developing breast cancer.


Breast screening is an effective way of detecting breast cancer, often at a very early stage, when there are no outward signs. The sooner the problem is detected, the more ways there are of treating it successfully. Many women in east Kent have had their lives saved by taking part in the breast screening programme.

Through these web pages you can find out more about NHS breast screening in east Kent, how and where you can be screened and about your local hospital's breast screening facilities.

This service is for women without symptoms. If you have any concerns about breast health you should book an appointment to see your GP immediately, who can arrange to refer you for a mammogram or other tests if needed. 

The Stuart Field Mammography Unit

The Stuart Field Mammography Unit/Breast Screening is based at Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

We provide a screening and symptomatic breast imaging service.

It is a modern department with three x-ray rooms, two ultrasound rooms and two clinical rooms. There is disabled access into the department. The reception area is light and airy, with toilets, including disabled toilets, located nearby.

The department originally opened in 1989, a year after the NHS Breast Screening Programme was set up by the Department of Health. As the service grew, it was extended upward and outward, and the new building which was officially reopened in May 2003, was named after Professor Stuart Field, who set up the service at Canterbury.

The department also runs the three mobile screening units moving around over 18 sites throughout east Kent. It invites around 30,000 women for a screening mammogram each year.

Consultant Radiologist and Director of Breast Screening:

Dr Sarah Moorhouse 

Consultant Breast Clinician:

Dr Ruth Wilson

Associate Specialist:

Dr Carol Rickenbach

Consultant Radiologist:

Dr Heba Ramadan

Dr Sandeela Sattar

Principal Radiographer:

Fiona McPartlin

Consultant Radiographer:

Kirstie Wiltshire

Programme Manager:

Caroline Wendholt

Deputy Programme Manager:

Jonathan Marshall

 Office Manager:

Angharad Lum 

10 Radiographers all having the required qualification in mammography

4 Advanced Practitioners         

3 Assistant Practitioners         

3 Nurses

7 Clerical staff

The NHS Breast Screening Programme offers a free breast screening service every three years to women aged between 50 and 70 who are registered with a GP. If you are registered with a local GP, you will automatically be sent an appointment.

Three mobile units move around the east Kent area to offer this screening service.

To see when a mobile unit will be in your area, please click on your local area on our map below.

Image of the Breast screening location map of Kent
Clickable map showing the locations and times of breast screening services across east Kent.
Breast screening dates in Folkestone Breast screening dates in Canterbury Breast screening dates in Margate Breast screening dates in Dover Breast screening dates in Tenterden Breast screening dates in Faversham Breast screening dates in Whitstable Breast screening in Sandwich Breastscreening dates in Hythe

To find out more information about Breast Screening or to alter an appointment, please contact the Breast Screening Unit by telephone on 01227 783000 or by email:

I have recently moved into the area. How do I make sure I get my appointment?

Once you are registered with a local GP you will automatically be sent an appointment for the Kent and Canterbury Hospital within three years of your last screen. If you had recently been offered a screening appointment by the screening office in your previous area, please make sure that you inform them of your move to east Kent. 

I am over 70 - can I continue to be screened?   

If you are over 70 you will no longer be sent an appointment. However, if you still wish to have a mammogram every three years, please contact the screening office at the time of when you are next due. The office telephone number 01227 783000. There is no charge for this service.

I am under 50 - can I be screened?

If you are under 50 you are not entitled to have a mammogram as part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme. If you have concerns about your breasts you should see your GP, who can arrange for a mammogram or ultrasound if needed.

Will I be screened by a woman?

All the radiographers carrying out the mammograms on our mobile units and in our department are female.

Can I be screened if I have implants?

Women with implants are welcome to attend their screening mammogram invitation- either on a local mobile unit or at the Breast Screening Department at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. The exception is for women who have Triculent implants as the Department of Health has strongly advised that these are not suitable for the screening process. 

I am unable to attend my appointment, can I re-arrange?

Yes, simply telephone the Breast Screening Unit on 01227 783000 and another appointment will be made for you.

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