Frequently asked questions

How soon will I be seen in the breast clinic following referral from my GP?

All patients referred to our breast clinics are seen within two weeks from the date the Trusts received the referral.

How and when will I find out the results of my tests?

If your first assessment is done within a one-stop clinic, your imaging result may be available that day.  If you have a core biopsy, this will take longer, usually up to 2 weeks but this can be longer should further tests be required on the specimen. 

Any tests carried out within the breast clinic or following your breast clinic appointment will be communicated to you via a further breast clinic appointment or by letter.  All breast biopsies, regardless of the result, will be discussed in our multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting. 

Will my GP be notified of the outcome of my assessment in the breast clinic?

All clinic letters and result letters are electronically sent to your GP.  If your results are discussed at our MDT meeting, a copy of the MDT minutes are electronically sent to your GP.

What if I am diagnosed with Breast Cancer, what happens next?

Your diagnostic results will have been discussed at our MDT meeting to ensure the best possible treatment plan is put in place for you.  Your treatment plan will be discussed with you in a consultation with your Breast Surgeon and you will be assigned a Breast Care Nurse Specialist (Key Worker) who will act as a point of contact for help and support.

Your first definitive treatment will be offered within 31 days from the decision made by the MDT to treat and within 62 days from the date the referral was originally received.

Your first definitive treatment may be surgery, chemotherapy or hormone therapy.  This is dependent on a number of factors including grade, size and type of tumour.  You may receive a combination of these treatments as well as radiotherapy.  Please click https://www.mtw.nhs.uk/service/cancer-services-kent-oncology-centre/ for further information on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Once you have completed any active treatment, i.e. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, you will be offered appropriate follow up care as well as continuing hormone therapy, should this be a treatment option for you.  Your follow up care could include surveillance mammography and you may or may not need to be followed up in the breast clinic.  A decision will be made by our team of breast clinicians in the MDT meeting as to the appropriate follow up care for you.