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Complementary therapies

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Supportive therapies waiting room
Supportive therapies waiting room

What is complementary therapy?

Complementary therapy is the name given to therapies which aim to work alongside traditional therapies but not replace it. The aim of all complementary therapies is to bring more balance to the body. Each individual is unique and this approach seeks to treat the person as a whole. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of one’s being are all important in the overall approach to each treatment. Each person is encouraged to also take responsibility for his/her own health by eating a healthy diet, good fluid intake, reducing stress and learning to relax.

Complementary therapies available at the Supportive Therapies Centre:

  • massage

  • aromatherapy

  • therapeutic head massage

  • Shiatsu

  • Reiki

  • acupuncture

  • reflexology.

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Supportive therapies treatment room
Supportive therapies treatment room

How can I benefit from complementary therapy?

Treatments available have been shown to:

  • aid relaxation

  • relieve stress and tension

  • improve quality of life

  • increase feelings of well-being

  • aid sleep

  • improve coping with side effects

  • reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

  • reduce feelings of distress.

Who are complementary therapies for?

This team is specifically for those patients currently or recently receiving cancer treatment or their carers and extends to support at the end of life for all disease groups.

Referral to the team can be made by professionals involved in the patient’s care.

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