What is counselling?

It is rare that we find time for ourselves, or someone who really listens to what we have to say. Counselling can offer us both.

Talking to a trained counsellor who is not personally involved can give us the space we need to untangle thoughts, feelings and ideas, and you can turn to us at any stage; after diagnosis, during treatment, or even after treatment has finished.

The counselling service built on experience, understanding and trust, has for many people been an important first step in regaining control of their lives.

Where does counselling take place?

We offer counselling at Kent and Canterbury, William Harvey and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospitals. Counselling rooms are comfortable and quiet, ward based sessions are available at request. We will always try to offer an appointment time that is convenient for any other commitments the patient/carer may have at the hospital.

Our counsellors

All of our counsellors are fully trained, qualified and experienced, and understand and value the importance of building a trusting relationship with clients.

Who is counselling for?

This team is specifically for those patients/carers currently or recently receiving cancer treatment or their carers and extends to support at the end of life for all disease groups.

Referral to the team can be made by professionals involved in the patient’s care.

For more information about the counselling services available through the Trust, please refer to the Trust leaflet East Kent Hospitals Counselling Service for Cancer Patients.