Cardiac (heart) services

Images showing some of the cardiology services across East Kent Hospitals

At East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust we diagnose and treat a full range of heart disorders, including:

  • coronary artery disease

  • cardiac arrhythmias

  • cardiac failure

  • stable angina

  • heart attack

  • unstable angina

  • valvulvar heart disease

  • cardiomyopathies

  • syncope

  • black-outs.

We also insert pacemakers and implantable devices.

Procedures and tests we can offer

  • Trans-oesophageal echocardiogram - a procedure to assess the structure of the heart.

  • Cardioversion - a procedure to correct heart rhythms.

  • Angiography - used to diagnose the efficiency of the blood supply to the heart.

  • Angioplasty - a procedure to treat narrowing of the arteries surrounding the heart (currently available at William Harvey Hospital only).

Referral to our hospitals

Your GP can refer you to our heart centres and heart specialists if he or she is concerned you may have a problem with you heart.

Outpatient request for cardiac investigation

Request for echocardiogram

If you suspect you are experiencing a heart attack, please ACT. Call an ambulance - the quicker you get to hospital, the quicker we can treat you and the more effective your treatment will be.

Find out more about heart attacks and their treatment.

We have invested heavily in our heart services over recent years to bring you state-of-the-art facilities for heart procedures at the East Kent Cardiac Catheter Suite (William Harvey Hospital, Ashford) and the Heart Centre (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate).

Outpatient heart services

Outpatient services (services that do not require a stay in hospital, e.g. a consultation with your doctor or tests) are available at:

We provide an extensive cardiac rehabilitation programme for people who have suffered heart attacks or have had any surgery on the heart.
Tsavellas, Mr George 
Job title
Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon
General, Laparoscopic and Colorectal Surgery
Special interests
• Colorectal cancer surgery, including laparoscopic resections, en bloc multivisceral resections & salvage surgery for recurrent pelvic cancer 
• Colonoscopic screening for bowel cancer 
• Advanced laparoscopic techniques including: 
o Laparoscopic colorectal cancer resections (‘Enhanced Recovery’) 
o Single Incision Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 
o Laparoscopic inguinal, incisional, umbilical and Spigelian hernia repair 
• Surgery for inflammatory bowel disease, including ileal pouches for ulcerative colitis & familial polyposis 
• Surgery for rectal prolapse 
• Anal diseases & complex anal fistula surgery 
• Limberg (Rhomboid) flap for complex or recurrent pilonidal sinus disease 
Education and career history
Mr Tsavellas qualified from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1990. His surgical training was undertaken on the University College & Middlesex Hospital rotation in London and the Wessex rotation in the South of England. During his training, he was awarded the degree of Master of Surgery from the University of London for research into colorectal cancer molecular detection methods, undertaken at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. 
Mr Tsavellas has been a Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon at the QEQM and Kent and Canterbury Hospitals since 2004. He is the current clinical lead for colorectal surgery at QEQMH and KCH. Mr Tsavellas is a member of the Association of Coloproctology and Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland. 
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Kent & Canterbury Hospital
Contact details
Tel: 01843 225544 (Ext: 62329), Fax: 01843 234449, Email: Lianne.Botha@ekht.nhs.uk Website:www.kentsurgeon.com

Information about our hospitals

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*Please note that the Cardiology unit at Kent and Canterbury Hospital has moved and is now opposite Ambulatory Care. Please ask a member of staff for directions.

East Kent Cardiac Catheter Suite (William Harvey Hospital)

  • Tel: 01233 616830

The Heart Centre (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital)

  • Tel: 01843 235042