What to expect from physiotherapy

What happens at the first appointment?

If you are under the age of 16 you must be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility for at least your first appointment.

Please report to the reception desk on arrival in the Physiotherapy Outpatients Department. You must do this on every visit to the department to comply with fire regulations.

Your first appointment will normally be 30 minutes and follow up appointments are usually 15 – 20 minutes.

We aim to be prompt, so if you are still waiting 10 minutes after your appointment time, please report this to the reception.

Your physiotherapist will ask you questions about your injury/problem and how you are feeling generally. Then they will usually examine the affected area. Please remember bring shorts or vest top. Your initial appointment will include a thorough examination.

Your physiotherapist will work out a treatment plan with you and there will be time for you to ask any questions.

Your Physiotherapist will let you know if you need further appointments.

What should I wear?

Your physiotherapist may need you to undress to your underwear to be able to fully assess the affected area or problem.  For your first assessment we suggest you wear:

  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Underwear
  • You may wish to bring a pair of shorts or vest with you to change in to

Your privacy will be respected at all times.

What should I expect from my treatment?

Everyone’s treatment is individualised depending on what is most appropriate for them and their goals.

A significant part of physiotherapy involves exercises, movement modification and modification of your valued activities. We believe that education around your condition and how to manage it is essential for a good outcome as well as providing you with strategies to self-manage in the future. Alongside these principles, other treatments can be used to help with your recovery. 

Some of the rehabilitation treatment we offer to our paediatric patients include:

  • Muscle strengthening exercises and stretching
  • Posture and balance training
  • Referral to the gym group 
  • Movement pattern training
  • Support and advice to parents on managing their child’s condition
  • Onward referrals where required

What if I arrive late for my appointment?

If you are late for your appointment we cannot guarantee that you will be seen, so please give yourself plenty of time. Click on the link to find out more about the different ways of getting to the hospital.

What if I can't come to the appointment?

If you are unable to come to your appointment please contact the department as soon as possible so we can try to use the appointment for another patient. 

Please try to let us know at least two days before your appointment if you will not be able to come.

If you missed an appointment, and didn't let us know but still think that you need physiotherapy, ask your GP or consultant to refer you again.

If you fail to attend your appointment and do not let us know in advance you may not be given another appointment and may be discharged.