Our Phototherapy Service

The East Kent Hospitals Phototherapy Service is situated on three sites across the east Kent - Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, William Harvey Hospital, Ashford and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

Phototherapy and Photochemotherapy is the use of ultraviolet light to treat a wide variety of inflammatory skin conditions.

Ultraviolet light is delivered using a purpose built Phototherapy cabinet or unit.

The specially trained nurses in the Phototherapy team are responsible for the safe, effective and efficient care of all the patients receiving light therapy. Their aim is to deliver high standards of care across the Trust.

With this in mind the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust has become a member of The South East of England Phototherapy Network.

The South East of England Phototherapy Network is committed to setting the Standards of Care in Phototherapy across the South East of England. Developing a network of professionals that set the standards and protocols for the quality of care administered to patients receiving Phototherapy.

Across East Kent Hospitals, we promote ‘Putting Patients First,’ and believe such qualities as, good communication, empathy, compassion, commitment, a timely appointment system, person centred care, precise documentation and accurate treatment options/guidelines, to name a few, are important aspects of patient care in Phototherapy.

The Phototherapy Suite at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital is the hub for Phototherapy across the Trust. Therefore it not only offers Phototherapy such as whole body UVB TL01, whole body PUVA and hand and foot PUVA. It also offers Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and Iontophoresis.

The Phototherapy Service has a Lead Clinician, who, along with the team, is striving to progress the service.

Contact us

Kent & Canterbury Hospital - Tel: 01227 864223

William Harvey Hospital - Tel: 01233 616186

Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital - Tel: 01843 235153