This takes place in one of the accredited hospitals within the bowel cancer screening programme which currently is Kent and Canterbury Hospital and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, but will eventually include the William Harvey Hospital. There are currently six Bowel Cancer Screening Colonoscopy Consultants who have all been accredited and certified nationally.

They are: 

  • Dr Frank Muller
  • Dr Carlo Nunes
  • Dr Anne Ballinger
  • Dr Kate Hills
  • Dr David Austin
  • Dr Zach Tsiamoulos


The colonoscopy procedure will take approximately 30-45 minutes and may in certain cases take a little longer if a larger number or more complicated polyps need to be removed. Following the procedure patients will be transferred to the recovery ward and subsequently the discharge area. Refreshments will be available for patients. The findings of the colonoscopy will be explained and any relevant information including written information regarding the results will be given to all patients prior to discharge.  

All samples taken at the time of the colonoscopy will be sent to the Pathology department for analysis. Results are usually available within two to three weeks at which point a Specialist Screening Practitioner will contact each patient to explain all the results. Depending on the number, size and type of polyps found patients will then be informed of the need for further screening colonoscopies.   

Patients who are found to have bowel cancer will be informed on the day of the procedure and referred subsequently to the multi-disciplinary team for further investigation and treatment. GP practices will be informed of the results of the colonoscopy and subsequent follow-up required. If any other pathology is found at colonoscopy such as colitis or haemorrhoid then recommendations will be made to the GP for further treatment or referral if appropriate.

For more information please refer to the Colonoscopy leaflet.