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If you have been referred to an oncologist

You have been referred to an oncologist - a doctor who specialises in treating cancer with radiation, and/or drugs, eg, chemotherapy.

What will happen at the appointment?

The doctor will assess you and offer you treatment based on the type of cancer you have, your general health and personal circumstances.

You will have the chance to ask any questions about the different treatments you could have and discuss the length, frequency and possible side effects. The final choice on treatment is then a joint decision between you and your doctor. You can be as involved as you want to be in making this choice.

After you and your doctor have reached a decision about treatment, you may be asked to sign a consent form to say that you have agreed to have the treatment.

If there is anything about your care and treatment that you do not understand please don’t be afraid to ask. You are welcome to contact Angela Wilson your specialist nurse.

Hospital treatment

  • Chemotherapy – This can involve a hospital stay but most people have this treatment as an outpatient, in the clinic. You may receive this treatment at your local hospital or at the cancer centres in Canterbury and Maidstone.

  • Radiotherapy – You may have radiotherapy as an outpatient in a clinic, or as an inpatient. The equipment used for radiotherapy is very specialised and Kent has only two centres which give this treatment – the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, and MaidstoneHospital.


For queries about appointments, please contact the consultant’s number below:

Dr Carys Thomas (Canterbury)

  • Secretary - 01227 766877 extension 74563

Dr Justin Waters (Margate)

  • Secretary - 01622 225149

Gynaecological Cancer Nurse Specialist

  • Angela Wilson - 01843 234263

Counsellors for cancer patients and their carers

  • Elizabeth Taylor - 01227 864045

  • Martine Bliss - 01233 633331 extension 84100

  • Kuldeep Dhanda - 01843 225544 extension 64202.

Macmillan information and support radiographers

  • Canterbury - 01227 766877 extension 74098

  • Maidstone - 01622 225094.

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