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The Gynaecology Oncology Specialist Nurse Service

Who is the specialist nurse?

The Gynaecological Oncology Nurse Specialist Service is offered by Angela Wilson who has expertise in both women's health and cancer care.

What does the specialist nurse do?

The specialist nurse works closely with the team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals looking after you. Her role is to offer information and support on gynaecological cancer, its treatments and possible side effects, and many other issues which may arise for patients:

  • advice about the menopause, HRT and alternatives

  • discussion about fertility options (if appropriate)

  • advice on sexual and relationship issues

  • information on complementary therapists

  • details of useful organisations and support groups where you can gain further help and advice

  • referral to specialist services, such as, counselling, symptom control teams and the lymphoedema clinic.

Who can contact the specialist nurse?

Your doctors or nurses can put you in touch with the Specialist Nurse, or you may prefer to call her directly yourself.

How do I contact the specialist nurse?

By telephone

01843 234263 Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4pm. There is an answer phone. Messages are checked regularly and every effort will be made to return your call the same day. If this is not possible, you will be called the following day provided it is not a weekend or a bank holiday.

If you are unable to contact the Specialist Nurse by telephone weekdays and your enquiry is urgent please ring 07500 126669. Normally your call will be answered straight away, but there may be a delay if your specialist nurse is driving or with another patient and cannot leave them.

Out of hours

Telephone support and advice is available out of hours (week days and weekends) via Birchington Ward. Tel: 01843 234201. Remember, your own doctor is also available for advice and may be able to provide you with the assistance you need. Do not hesitate to ask.

How often will I have access to the specialist nurse?

You will have access to the specialist nurse from diagnosis and throughout your treatments. Angela Wilson is available in both the ward and some clinic areas. You are also welcome to talk to her on the phone or arrange an appointment to see her in person. 

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