Our facilities

Our facilities

Our facilities provide comprehensive care for both adults and children with bleeding disorders. It has two consultation rooms, a physiotherapy room and a room for taking blood for testing. The patient waiting area also has a designated children’s play area.

Our onsite laboratory provides a wide range of testing to help the haemophilia team from the initial diagnosis in our laboratories, to subsequent care in hospital and in the community.

We offer training and education to support patients, parents and carers in the administration of medications and have educational leaflets and literature available on a range of bleeding disorders.

We offer a home delivery service for haemophilia treatments and a 24 hour on-call service.

Who we are

The Haemophilia team includes a range of healthcare professionals including Consultants, Haemophilia Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), physiotherapists, laboratory scientists along with the administration and clerical staff.

Who is in the Haemophilia Team?

Ms Joanna Nightingale                    Head Biomedical Scientist, FIBMS, CSci

Dr Gillian Evans                               Consultant and Centre Director

Dr Kim Elliott                                    Consultant

Dr Catherine Roughley                    Consultant

Karen Davies                                   Haemostasis Manager and Nurse Specialist

Ade Adyinka                                    Haemostasis Sister

Jeanette Pratt                                  Haemostasis Sister

Susie Shek                                      Haemostasis Development Nurse

Laura Tamulevicius                         Paediatric Haemophilia Sister

David Stephenson                           Physiotherapist

Charlene Dodd                                Physiotherapist

Hannah Butt                                    Health Care Assistant

Annabel Jaggers                             Haemophilia Data Manager

Lynda Wilcox                                   Senior Reception

Mike Tedder                                     Reception

Gina Perie                                        Reception