Neurology services

Images of staff, patients and a brain to represent the Neurology services at East Kent Hospitals

Outpatient clinics and an inpatient consulting service are provided at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury; William Harvey Hospital, Ashford; and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital, Margate.

East Kent has access to tertiary beds at the Regional Neuroscience Centre at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London, and maintains strong clinical and academic links over neurological sub-specialties, as well as over neuroradiology, neurosurgery, neuropathology, etc, 24 hour neurology and neurosurgery advice is available from King’s. Many east Kent consultants have sessions at King's and participate in the CPD programme.

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GP referrals 

The demand for appointments in Neurology Outpatients is very high. It is essential that waiting times are kept to a minimum to ensure patients with serious neurological illnesses receive timely assessment and management. Patients with some conditions may be better served by other specialities or be adequately managed in primary care. For these reasons please refer according to the guidelines below.

Please be reminded that from August 2018 only referrals made through E- Referral Service will be accepted. 

Guidelines for acceptance criteria can be downloaded here:

Neurology Referral Guidelines (external only)

Acute Neurology Ward

All referrals for Repatriation of patients from King’s to Neurology at East Kent Hospitals must be addressed to the generic East Kent Neurological Unit (Treble Ward) Please send to: ekhuft.acuteneurologyreferrals@nhs.net.

They must be accompanied by a completed referral form which is availablehere

Repatriation to East Kent Neurological Unit is dependent upon acceptance by the Neurology Team.

Where a patient is accepted the Bed Manager for East Kent Hospitals will be aware as they are on the generic email list.

The generic email list regarding Repatriation includes all Neurology staff concerned with East Kent Neurological Unit, the Bed Manager at Kent & Canterbury hospital and the Neuroscience Bed Managers at King’s College Hospital and the particular referring Doctor in any case will be added to the list in relation to that case.

East Kent Neuroscience Unit (EKNU)

The East Kent Neuroscience Unit (EKNU) is at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, with six dedicated neurology beds.

Neurophysiology unit

There is a sub-regional neurophysiology unit at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, headed by Dr Jeremy Bland and Dr Zaloa Agirre-Arriziubieta, offering sleep EEG, ERG, VEP, and SEP as well as routine EEG and EMG.  

East Kent Neurorehabilitation Unit (EKNRU)

The East Kent Neurorehabilitation Unit (EKNRU) is at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital with 19 dedicated neurorehab beds. More information about the Unit and its service can be found in the Neurorehabilitation Unit patient leaflet

Please fill in the form below for referrals to EKNRU and send to ekhuft.eknrureferrals@nhs.net

EKNRU referral form


Support directory for patients

View our online neuro support directory which aims to provide a single point of access to the community support that is available to patients once they are discharged from hospital.

You can also download this information in our support booklet

NameJob titleSpecialty
Woodward, Dr ZoeConsultant Obstetrician and GynaecologistGeneral gynaecology, menstrual assessment, colposcopy and rapid access clinics.
Withrington, Dr Robin ConsultantRheumatology
Wise, Mr BrianConsultantWomen's Health
Wilson, Mr Noel Consultant Vascular & General Surgeon, Lead Clinician – East Kent Vascular UnitVascular
Wilson, Dr RuthAssociate SpecialistRadiology
Williamson, Dr Emilia Duarte Consultant DermatologistDermatology
Williams, Dr NicholasConsultantSurgery (Breast)
Wight, Dr Cate Consultant Histopathologist
Wight, Dr CateConsultant HistopathologistPathology
White, Dr StevenConsultant CardiologistCardiology

Specialist nurse teams

Specialist nurse teams have been established for multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. The nurses play an important role in improving access for patients, in integrating primary and secondary care, and in supporting the consultant neurologists in the delivery of ongoing care. 

Specialist nurses

  • Tracey Truscott, specialist nurse in epilepsy

  • Sue Routledge, specialist nurse in epilepsy

  • Andy Smith, specialist nurse in epilepsy

  • Paul Turner
  • Rosemary Vahid, specialist nurse in Parkinson's disease

  • Michelle McHenry, specialist nurse in Parkinson's disease

  • Susan Holmes, specialist nurse in multiple sclerosis

  • Maureen Speed, specialist nurse in multiple sclerosis

  • Juliette Beaumont, specialist nurse in multiple sclerosis

  • Christine Batts, specialist nurse in motor neurone disease.

Information about our hospitals

Please click the links below for lots of information about visiting our hospitals (including travel and parking):

Contact the East Kent Neurorehabilitation Unit

  • Address: Harvey Ward, Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, CT1 3NG
  • Phone: 01227 868713

Contact our MS Team

The team can be contacted at:

  • Address: Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, CT1 3NG

  • Phone: 01227 868690.

Direct referrals can be made by healthcare professionals, a carer or by the patient, either verbally or by letter, providing the person with MS is aware and has a definite diagnosis of MS.

The service is accessible Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.  Messages can be left on the 24 hour answerphone.

The MS Service is NOT an emergency service. The GP should be made aware of any urgent medical symptoms.

Contact our Parkinson’s Disease Team

The team can be contacted at:

  • Address: Neurology Department, William Harvey Hospital, Kennington Road, Ashford, TN24 0LZ
  • Phone: 01233 651887 

The service is accessible Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.  Messages can be left on the 24 hour answerphone. 

The Parkinson's Disease Service is NOT an emergency service. Your GP should be made aware of any urgent medical symptoms.