Preparing to feed your baby

Brain development 

During pregnancy your baby’s brain will be developing and growing very quickly.  Babies will experience better brain development if they feel safe and secure even before they are born. Some of the ways you can support this development are by responding to their movements, talking or singing to them. Have a look at this website for more information and ways to support your baby’s brain development.

Antenatal colostrum collection

Colostrum is the perfect first food for your baby. It is easy digest and has all the nutrients a baby needs. We know it is an effective way to regulate babies’ blood sugar in the first few hours of life. Some babies will need closer monitoring after birth to check that are regulating their blood sugar levels. We also know some babies may have some challenges with feeding once they are born. To help support feeding in these early hours you may wish to explore antenatal colostrum collection. Full details can be found in our Antenatal Colostrum Collection leaflet. Here it lists babies that may benefit from having colostrum ready for them, it also talks about when and how to collect colostrum.  Ask your midwife if you have any questions about colostrum collection. Your Midwife will be able to help you with an Antenatal Colostrum collection kit to get you started if this is recommended for you and your baby.

Please view our Trust Leaflet  Protecting your baby from low blood glucose

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