Information for referrers

This page provides information for referrers to the Radiological Science Departments within East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT). Referrers to the EKHUFT include:

a)    All registered medical and dental practitioners employed by EKHUFT

b)    Registered healthcare professionals from EKHUFT and Community Health referring under agreed protocols

c)    General Practitioners

d)    Nurse practitioners and other registered healthcare professionals referring to EKHUFT under agreed protocol

e)    Registered dental practitioners referring from the Community Dental Service and private practice

f)     Registered medical and dental practitioners not employed by EKHUFT, referring from other NHS Trusts or private hospitals.

If you wish to refer a patient to the EKHUFT for an X-ray or Nuclear Medicine examination, then you need to follow the recommended referral guidelines.  This is important to ensure that your request is appropriate and justifiable, and hence that delays for your patient can be avoided. For registered healthcare professionals other than General Practitioners, it is also important for there to be an agreement with EKHUFT that entitles you to refer.  If you work within a GP practice, then this agreement should be set up through your practice. 

Key referral criteria:

  • Login www.irefer.org.ukusername (case sensitive): EastKent-2018 / Password (case sensitive): EastKentXray1

For advice on setting up an agreement to refer for registered healthcare professionals, other than medical or dental practitioners, or regarding referral guidelines please contact:

Deputy General Manager, Radiological Sciences 01227 864266 or via switchboard 01227 766877