Respiratory (lungs) services

Department of Respiratory Medicine

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust provides respiratory services at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, with outreach clinics at Dover, Folkestone, Herne Bay and Deal.

The respiratory department consists of eight consultant respiratory physicians, a respiratory nurse consultant and a team of practitioners supporting inpatient admissions. There is also a lead nurse supporting home (domiciliary) ventilation. EKHUFT Respiratory team also work very closely with the Community Respiratory Team employed by Kent Community Health Foundation Trust.

Respiratory Medicine is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and continuing care of patients with a considerable range of lung diseases. They include asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis / emphysema (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, asbestos related conditions including mesothelioma, tuberculosis, sleep disordered breathing, pneumonia and lung cancer.

In addition, most respiratory physicians have a major commitment to the care of patients admitted as medical emergencies and provide ongoing ward based care for these patients. They are supported by the inpatient respiratory practitioner team who provide support and care for those patients admitted with COPD and other respiratory disorders as well as advising on issues such as home oxygen therapy etc.

Patients with lung diseases may undergo a number of investigations, which include x-rays, CT scans, bronchoscopy (to look into the lungs with a camera), lung function testing (to assess breathing capacity) and overnight studies of breathing during sleep. Information regarding these tests is available on request from the Consultant secretaries.

Most treatments for patients with lung diseases can be undertaken locally. However, thoracic (chest) surgery can only be performed at Guy’s Hospital, London. For these patients, east Kent is well served by a visiting thoracic surgeons (Miss Juliette King and Mr John Pilling) who assesses patients both before and after surgery. Dr Benjamin Schreiber from Royal Free Hospital London also visits Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital once every 3 months to review patients with pulmonary hypertension as shared care with Dr Malamis.

Lung function laboratories

We have fully equipped lung function laboratories at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury, William Harvey Hospital in Ashford and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate.

These laboratories can perform measurements of lung volumes, spirometry, transfer factor, reversibility testing, oxygen measurements at rest and on exercise, inspiratory and expiratory muscle pressures.

Sleep services

The Sleep-Breathing Disorders clinic is part of the Chest Department at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.  The great majority of patients who attend this clinic are coming for diagnosis of possible obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and its treatment.  We undertake approximately 7450 sleep studies each year mostly using domiciliary monitoring equipment. 

The clinic also has a dedicated sleep-breathing ‘laboratory’ attached to the Mount McMaster ward in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital with equipment kindly provided by the Canterbury League of Friends where a patient’s breathing can be studied in more detail if required (sleep polygraphy).  The clinic currently has approximately 1000 patients from the Canterbury and Thanet region undergoing long term treatment with Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) ventilation at night for sleep apnoea syndrome. It issues and maintains their equipment and undertakes routine follow-ups to ensure a patient’s sleep apnoea is well controlled. Patients with confirmed obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome may also be treated with mandibular advancement splints custom constructed bt the Maxillo-Facial Department.

The CPAP service is headed by the Associate Sleep practitioner, Amanda Asquith. She is also involved with the service at William Harvey Hospital, Ashford. She is trained to set up patients for their studies as well as analyse and initiate treatment with CPAP. She runs follow-up clinics for sleep patients who are established on CPAP. She is assisted by a sleep co-ordinator at each site (Ashford and Canterbury) and a flexible technician at the Ashford site. 

Sleep-Breathing Disorder Clinics at William Harvey Hospital

Over 500 sleep-breathing studies are conducted each year and treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea with CPAP initiated by Amanda Asquith and her team. This hospital also conducts combined 'neuro-sleep' clinics in association with the department of neurology where other primary sleep disorders may be investigated.

Respiratory Consultants:

Angela Scott - Respiratory Nurse Consultant

Emma Jagger - Lead Respiratory Nurse

Respiratory Secretaries:

Kent & Canterbury Hospital

  • Pat Kennett - Dr Baghai-Ravary
  • Fiona Robinson - Dr Pereira

William Harvey Hospital

  • Julie Wright - Vacant Consultant Post
  • Suzanne Hearne - Dr Prathibha
  • Alyson Harris - Dr Sharma
  • Kayleigh Benson - Emma Jagger 
  • Tracy Waple - Vacant Consultant Post 

QEQM Hospital:

  • Anita Narraway - Neil Goldsack/Dr Malamis
  • Lisa Thomas - Gabi Boehmer/Dr Kadri

Respiratory Inpatient Practitioner Team

  • Samantha Halliwell – Lead Respiratory Specialist Nurse
  • Michelle Wright – Respiratory Specialist Practitioner
  • Christine Robinson- Respiratory Specialist Practitioner
  • Heidi Groombridge- Trainee Specialist Respiratory Practitioner
  • Katie Worrell – Trainee Specialist Respiratory Practitioner
  • Leah Haines – Associate Respiratory Practitioner
  • Kat Giles – Associate Respiratory Practitioner
  • Tanya Spain – Associate Respiratory Practitioner

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Sleep services

Main staff:

Medical Consultants

  • Dr Peter Farrow and Dr Prathiba Bandipalyam

  • Tel: 01227 74355 or Tel: 01233 616266


  • Mrs Amanda Asquith (K&C Monday am and Thursdays, WHH all other weekdays)

  • Extension: 01227 766877 ext 722-5112

Respiratory Coordinator 

  • Ms Karen McDermott (K&C weekday mornings)

  • Extension: 01227 766877 ext 722-5112 (with answerphone service)

    • Mrs Teresa McIntyre (Ashford)

Sleep enquiries

  • Ashford - Direct Line (24 hr. answerphone): 01233 616080