Restorative Dentistry Service

This service provides specialist advice and treatment on prosthodontic (crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants), endodontic (root canal treatment) and periodontic (gum) problems.

The main role of the service is to work closely with Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontic colleagues to provide head and neck cancer; cleft lip and palate; patients with developmentally missing teeth and trauma patients the advice and treatment they need to manage their complex restorative problems.

 These activities are:

  • The oral rehabilitation of patients with missing teeth with dental implants, bridges and dentures to provide them with a functional dentition with a good appearance
  • The reshaping and restoration of teeth using restorations and crowns
  • Root canal treatment of teeth with complex anatomy and failing treatments that make it difficult to undertake the treatment
  • The management of aggressive periodontal disease with non-surgical and surgical treatments
  • The management of (mucogingival) gum defects with surgery
  • The management of jaw problems and uneven occlusions

The service only provides advice and occasional treatment for complex restorative patients referred by dental practitioners and occasional general medical practitioners. The service follows strict criteria, agreed with the local Primary Care Trust, to patients eligible.