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Why does Simulation benefit clinical practice?

Simulation is an educational tool which allows people to learn in a safe and supportive environment where it is OK to get something wrong. It is experiential learning in a positive environment. 

How does it work?

Learners are able to interact with a patient manikin (or simulated real patient) in a room set out to resemble the relevant clinical environment (ward/ theatre/ anaesthetic room etc). The scenario is observed by other candidates via live camera links. A post scenario debrief immediately follows and enables the group to have a collaborative discussion regarding the observed events. The structured debrief is conducted by a trained facilitator who encourages the particular focus to be made on the human factors and non-technical skills demonstrated during the scenario. The observed behaviours provide a valuable insight into our non-technical skills (e.g. communication, situation awareness, leadership and team working skills). These are all crucial for our ability to provide safe and efficient patient care.

Who's Who?

Simulation Lead

Dr Barry Featherstone

Barry is the Simulation Lead. Dr Barry Featherstone, has established several mutli-professional simulation courses in addition to the existing Foundation Programme simulation programme.  These include local in house training events as well as mandatory training events for KSS trainees and the SELKAM trauma network. 

Contact Dr Featherstone:

Victoria Gray

Vicky Gray

Vicky is the Simulation Manager, she is the newest member to the core Simulation Team. Vicky is a qualified ODP and has joined us from Theatres in WHH. Vicky is in charge of the running of the simulation sessions and aiding in the set up of new courses alongside the Simulation Lead. Vicky has completed the TEACHSim Faculty Level 2 and is currently developing her debriefing skills. Please contact Vicky if you would like to set up new sessions or have any queries about simulation.

Contact Vicky Gray:

Adam Coates Sim Fellow

Dr Adam Coates

Adam Coates joined the Simulation Team in August and will be in post for 12 months working across East Kent. Adam has completed his Core Anaesthetics training and has been working out in Australia for the last few years, he is now back developing his teaching skills by learning more about simulation based learning prior to furthering his anaesthetic training. Adam is going to be working on a number of projects whilst in Simulation with Angus, including implementing insitu Anaesthetic Emergencies scenarios and working to implement the new StricT course. 

Contact Adam Coates:

Angus Hill Sim Fellow

Dr Angus Hill

Angus Hill joined the Simulation Team in August and will be in post for 12 months. Angus will be helping the simulation team to deliver simulation across East Kent. Angus completed his Core Anaesthetics training last year at WHH. Angus will be working on many projects during his time in simulation which includes revamping the Foundation simulation course along side the Foundation EPA, Dr Esther Cook and working with Adam to implement StricT.

Contact Angus Hill: 

Jessica Blake Simulation Technician

Jess Blake

Jess is the Simulation Technician, she provides administrative and technical support to the team. Jess will assist the simulation team in organising and running the simulation sessions.

Contact Jess Blake:

Simulation Fellow

This role offers junior doctors the opportunity to be involved in simulation from organising to facilitating simulation sessions

A growing faculty of staff has been trained in a variety of specialties including A+E, critical care, obstetrics, medicine and surgery. We are keen to encourage new faculty and will help to develop their simulation skills.

KSS Faculty Development

For anyone interested in setting up simulation in their own specialty or becoming faculty on future courses there is a simulation debrief training programme provided by a collaboration of Simulation Leads from KSS. TEACHSimFaculty is a HEKSS (Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex) recognised programme.  The programme provides training in technical skills for operating the equipment as well as facilitation and debrief skills. Watch out for updates regarding course details. If you are interested in becoming a trained facilitator please visit

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