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Obstetric and Midwifery Simulation

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KSS Regional Training Days

These days are run on behalf of HEKSS for the Obs and Gynae Trainees. The sessions are designed to provide a variety of simulations based around more common O&G problems. The simulations are run as multi-displinary with the participation of midwives and student midwives.

Miss Choy Lee (Consultant Obstetrician) is the lead on these days.

The next course will be held on: TBC

Human Factors and Simulation

With the use of Lucina at WHH or SimMom at QEQM, we are able to simulate various Antenatal and Postnatal complications for the teams to work through

A multi disciplinary midwifery/O&G day has been developed to re vamp the previous skills and drills day, where a mixture of  human factors and simulations are used. The community days are based with an in-house setting and Ambulance staff are welcome to attend. To book onto this course, please contact Amanda Napier at amanda.napier@nhs.net 

Pre-course information

What to expect

The scenarios are designed to replicate the common and potentially serious complications encountered by the obstetric team. We have 2 purpose designed manikins for this exact reason, CAE Lucina which is based at WHH and Laerdal SimMom  based at QEQM. With these mankins we are able to imitate various birthing positions including shoulder dystocia. Due to their sophisticated technology we are able to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training of birth management and other obstetric emergencies