Buckland Day Hospital General Exercise Group

The General Exercise Group aims to assist in maintaining mobility, balance, strength and general fitness of patients who have previously attended the day hospital. This should reduce the likelihood of re-referral for decreased mobility.


  • Independently mobile with/without a walking aid

  • Previous treatment at the day hospital

  • Medically stable

  • Compliant with exercise

  • To have been reviewed by a qualified Physiotherapist who have completed outcome measures in either Tinetti/ Berg Balance / 3m TUAG and who feel would be suitable to attend an exercise group.


  • To offer an exercise group aimed at improving/maintaining the strength, balance, fitness and mobility of patients who have completed therapy and have received a home exercise programme.

  • To reduce the incidence of re-referral due to patients slowly deteriorating over time post discharge.

  • To reduce the risk of falls due to decreased mobility

  • To maintain motivation of patients

  • Patients will be discharged once they have attended 6 sessions and advice will be supplied on HEP and how to access a re-referral to the day hospital if required in the future.

Referral into the group is following assessment/review by a Physiotherapist who feel they would benefit from attending are, deemed appropriate to participate in the class and to facilitate discharge planning. Baseline readings and outcome measures need to have been completed by the Physiotherapist referring into the group. Outcome measures will be repeated at the end of the sixth week of attending the group by the Physio or physio tech taking the group on that day.

The Class

  • Run on Tuesdays 11:00 – 11:45

  • A maximum of 8 patient can attend

  • Ran by a Physiotherapist and a Physio Tech

  • Each participant will be encouraged to complete a 6 week programme.

  • Patients will also be supplied with a home exercise plan to continue with exercises

  • Outcome measures recorded will include Tinetti/ Berg balance/ 3M TUAG

If in the event of a therapist being on leave and another therapist is unable to cover the group, the group will be cancelled when there are 5 or more patients attending.