Buckland Day Hospital Parkinsons Group

The group will be held in the physiotherapy gym at Buckland Hospital and will be run by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and will have external speakers for the educational aspect.     

The aims and the objectives of the group will be to:

  • To increase knowledge on health related issues

  • To improve / maintain confidence and mobility (including walking aids review)

  • To increase confidence in activities of daily living

  • Provide a source of support for people with Parkinsons and carers / relatives

  • To improve / maintain posture

  • To improve balance

  • To learn about ways of reducing difficulties with spoken communication

  • To learn about ways of safe swallowing

The parkinsons group will run over 7 weeks. There will be between 6-8 participants per group.

An eligibility criterion includes:

  • Patients that have a diagnosis of parkinsons disease or have parkinsonism

  • Independently mobile with / without walking aid.

  • Not hard of hearing

  • MMSE – greater than 6/10

  • Medically fit

  • Able to tolerate 2 hours of education / exercise

  • Patient aware of and consent to referral to the group

  • Patients who would benefit from health education, advice and exercises

Education topics include:

  • What is parkinsons disease?

  • Fatigue management

  • Medication and parkinsons disease

  • Speech therapy

  • Activities of Daily Living, pacing, equipment that can assist function

  • Falls and Parkinsons Disease

  • Exercise and Parkinsons Disease

  • Backward Chaining and coping strategies with falling

Each individual will be assessed individually prior to attending the group. Patients will be assessed at the beginning and end of the group to ascertain the group’s effectiveness. The group itself will be periodically reviewed by staff so it can continue to develop with evidence based practice.

Patients will also be invited back for a review usually 4 months after the group to re-evaluate their function and mobility.

Transport is available on a medical need only basis. Patients will also be encouraged to make their own way to the Day Hospital. 

If patients are not eligible for the group and still require treatment they may benefit from treatment on an individual basis.

Referrals will be accepted by letter or on the referral form for the day hospital.