Pain Management

Hand pain can occur in any of the joints within the hand due to an overuse stress or as an acute injury. The hands are used every day for functional tasks, which are affected once an injury is sustained. There are a variety of structures within the hand which can be  injured. The causes of hand pain have a varying injury length; therefore require a different approach to treatment. Some are short term problems such as sprains that will require acute treatment until the injury resolves, whereas the lifelong conditions like arthritis will require a self-management strategy for the rest of the individuals life as it is a degenerative condition.

Some of the therapeutic interventions for hand pain can include:

  • Exercise

  • Manual therapy

  • Massage

  • Wax therapy

  • Electrotherapy

  • Self-management techniques

These treatments aim at alleviating the pain, promoting the healing process to enable the patient to achieve their optimum potential. This can be done with patient and therapist collaboration with a combination of treatment modalities.


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Hand Therapy Wax Treatment
Wax Treatment
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Hand Therapy Ultrasound Treatment
Ultrasound Treatment
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Hand Therapy Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment