Wound/Scar Management

Following surgery scars are formed as part of the normal healing process and each person forms scars slightly differently from the next. Scars can take many months to mature but normally fade eventually to a pale colour.

During the maturation process therapy can assist the cosmetic appearance of the scar as well as assist with the healing.

Massage is an essential part of therapy to prevent and reduce scar tethering to the underlying tissues and to promote healing. This is carried out by the therapist and taught to the patient to complete as part of a home exercise program.

Other techniques the therapists may use are:

  • Electrotherapies

  • Silicone gel  (prescription from your gp / consultant required) and pressure garments.         

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Hand Therapy Silicone Gel
Silicone Gel
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Hand Therapy Ultrasound Treatment
Ultrasound Treatment