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Join our team

Join our friendly team! Our expanding Speech and Language team are recruiting for new colleagues who are passionate about providing high-quality holistic care for our patients.

Our vacancies

Highly Specialist ITU Speech and Language Therapist - QEQM Hospital, Margate

Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Site Lead, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury

Highly Specialist ITU Speech and Language Therapist - Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (rotational post)

Our Achievements

Working in one of the largest trusts in the country, we have a varied caseload and are constantly striving to innovate and develop our service. Our achievements include:

Novel Clinical Guidelines to improve the quality of life of laryngectomy patients

Our Head and Neck Cancer SLT team have been integral to the development of a new set of guidelines to help increase the lifespan of voice prostheses used by our laryngectomy patients.  This guideline is specifically designed to help treat candida which often grows on the voice prosthesis and reduces their lifespan.  Our guidelines have shown an increase lifespan of the voice prosthesis which has subsequently meant less frequent trips to hospital to have the voice prosthesis changed.  This has a positive impact on patient quality of life and prevents interruption of their eating, drinking and communication.  This research was published in the Frontiers in Microbiology Journal

FEES and Videofluoroscopy Service

We are lucky to have state-of-the-art equipment for FEES and videofluoroscopy across all three of our hospital sites meaning our patients have ready access to both tests when needed.  In 2019 we hosted a FEES course with external delegates, which was run experts in the field; SVS Associates

Critical Care

We continue to grow our Critical Care services to meet the needs of our patients across all three hospital sites.  We have introduced Above Cuff Vocalisation and our FEES service to the units to ensure evidence-based practice.  Speech and Language Therapy are crucial to tracheostomy services delivered across the Trust and we play a key role in EK-TRACH, our Tracheostomy Working Group.

Dysphagia Rehabilitation

We are currently working hard to introduce sEMG biofeedback to aid dysphagia rehabilitation for our inpatients.  This will allow us to target skill training as well as traditional strength training.  We are in the testing phase for this new service and hope to apply for funding to roll the therapy out for all inpatients who need it.