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Our hospitals:


Outpatient clinics


Kent and Canterbury Hospital (K and C)                                        

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM)                                      

William Harvey Hospital (WHH)


Mr Housden (pm)

Mr Southgate (pm)

Mr Louette (QVMH) (pm)

Mr Casha (pm)

Mr Cornell

Mr Jeer (am Dover)

Mr Brooks (am)

Mr Dunnet (am RVHF)

Mr Dunnet (pm)


Mr Louette (pm)

Mr Jain (am)

Mr Smith (am Deal)

Mr Smith (pm)

Mr Murthy (am)

Mr Relwani

Mr Shrivastava (pm RVHF)

Mr Zahn

Mr Southgate


Mr Zahn (pm)

Mr Casha (am)

Mr Cornell (am)

Mr Saran (pm)

Mr Slack (pm)

Mr Brooks (am RVHF)

Mr Brooks (pm)

Mr Dunnet (pm)

Mr Housden (am)

Mr Wetherall (am0


Mr Relwani (am)

Mr Saran (am)

Mr Jeer (am)

Mr Slack (pm)

Mr Mostofi

Mr Yanni (am Deal/Dover)

Mr Yanni (pm)

Mr Lau (am) - Fracture Clinic


Mr Housden (pm)

Mr Cornell (pm)

Mr Lau - Spine Clinic

Mr Jain (pm)

Mr Shrivastava (pm)

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