Ureteric Reconstruction

The ureter is the tube which drains urine from the kidney into the urinary bladder.

It might be traumatised after certain pelvic surgeries or as a result of pelvic radiotherapy to treat pelvic malignancies. As a result of such insults, the Ureter might get  narrowed imposing blockade on the kidney drainage with recurrent pain, infections and sometimes reduced kidney function.

Such a condition would necessitate assessment by urologists to decide on best management options based on the patient's symptoms, general condition, length of narrowed segment and kidney function.

Treatment options might be:

  1. Conservative treatment
  2. Insertion of permanent drainage tube into the kidney (stent or nephrostomy) Or,
  3. Formal surgical repair of narrowed segment and re-implanting the ureter into the bladder

With advent of the DaVinci robotic system, such major reconstructive surgeries can be offered with the robot assistance through keyhole minimal invasive approach in most of the cases with less hospital stay and more speedy recovery. Very long segments of narrowing might necessitate using grafts (either from inner mouth lining or bowel segments) to achieve proper reconstruction.

For further information regarding this condition, please follow this BAUS link:

British Association of Urological Surgeons - Ureteric reconstruction patient leaflet