Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is common and often causes embarrassment and affects the quality of life depending on its severity. It tends to affect women more commonly than men and the risks rises with age. Generally, there exists two main reasons for incontinence to occur in addition to other rarer possibilities. Stress urinary incontinence occurs due to the weakness of the sphincter muscle that keeps the urethra closed as well as the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. Urgency urinary incontinence occurs due to abnormal behaviour of the bladder muscles. Both these conditions can co-exist in the same person and in those cases, it is termed as Mixed urinary incontinence.

Detailed information about this condition is available from The British Association of Urological Surgeons website.

One does not require to suffer in silence as these conditions can be managed to relieve the discomfort, the inconvenience, the embarrassment and improve the quality of life. East Kent Urology along with its team of Clinical Nurse Specialists provide a multi-disciplinary approach along with the hospital-based Urogynaecology department and community-based Kent Continence Services.                              

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