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Encouraging Praise in Colleagues

It can be easy to feel undervalued, with hard work going unnoticed in a busy department setting. To combat this with junior doctors, EPiC was created as part of Holding Hands - a tool to celebrate and encourage positive feedback from peers within the multidisciplinary team.

EPiCs are not purely awarded for clinical excellence, such as dealing with a complex or difficult clinical problem, but are also given to celebrate acts which may seem ordinary, though are still important to acknowledge. This could include being consistently helpful to colleagues, taking on extra shifts at short notice, being kind to patients or simply going above and beyond in some way, every day at work. 

EPiC nominations can be made online or on paper in certain departments. Every person nominated receives an EPiC certificate, and are fed back their nomination anonymously. Some departments use these nominations to award a Star of the Month, depending on what suits the team.

Currently, the neonatal and paediatric teams at both WHH and QEQM participate in this scheme.

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