Isometric research wall squat

Published 8th March 

Researchers have been awarded a grant of £270,000 by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to investigate whether a specific type of exercise can lower people's blood pressure.

A team from East Kent Hospitals, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University of Kent’s Centre for Health Services Studies, along with several GP practices in East Kent, will be investigating whether static, or ‘isometric’ exercise, such as squatting in a fixed position reduces blood pressure.

If this preliminary study demonstrates that a larger definitive trial would be feasible to perform across the UK, this could result in isometric exercise being prescribed to many millions of UK adults with high blood pressure – a condition that costs billions to treat every year in the UK.

Doctors already advise patients with high blood pressure to make lifestyle changes like stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol. People are also recommended to lose weight, change their diet, and exercise every day, along with taking medication. However, more than half of patients find their blood pressure remains high because they find it hard to stick to these changes and don’t take their medication.

Further details available  https://www.canterbury.ac.uk/news/news.aspx?id=09683452-508d-4a58-b430-215ff017e60e