EKHUFT Covid-19 Research

Updated 11 February 2021

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the research delivery teams across EKHUFT have been involved in setting up 13 NIHR Covid-19 research studies including both treatment trials, as well as observational, genetic, diagnostic and prophylactic studies. Many of these studies have already produced robust evidence to identify new treatments and inform national policy. So far in EKUFT, over 3000 participants have been included in these studies.

The RECOVERY trial, which is the UK’s flagship Covid-19 treatment trial, has recruited 36,000 participants nationwide with over 280 of these from EKHUFT. This study has generated practice changing evidence in record time, including demonstrating dexamethasone as the world’s first proven drug to reduce mortality for the most seriously ill Covid-19 patients.

More information is available here: https://www.recoverytrial.net/

Pictured above: The team at WHH have added a heart for each patient who has participated in COVID-19 research