The Buckland Site

The new development will replace the current facilities of the existing Buckland Hospital, situated in the Coombe Valley area of Dover.

The hospital site is on the south side of Coombe Valley Road and has extensive frontage onto the road with numerous access points from it. It faces terraced housing on the north, east and west sides and is in the vicinity of a number of shops/convenience stores.

The south side of the site is occupied by a steep wooded embankment, and further back a designated Area of Local Landscape Importance. Coombe Valley is also located at the fringe of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty located beyond the housing on the opposite site of the road, visible from the proposed site.

Coombe Valley Road constitutes the main access route to the Coombe Valley Industrial Estates and other local businesses.

The Buckland Site

The Buckland Site

In 1835 the site of the present hospital was selected for the new Dover Union Workhouse. Opened on 29 September 1836, the workhouse was constructed to the courtyard plan devised by Sir Francis Head and designed to accommodate 500 inmates. Infirmary blocks, a children’s block and a chapel were added in the nineteenth and twentieth century. These buildings still survive but the main building was reconstructed in the 1920s or 1930s.

At this time the road leading to the workhouse was known as Union Road. The name was changed to Coombe Valley Road in 1964.

The building was known as the Dover Union Workhouse Infirmary to 1930, it then became the Dover Institution up to 1943, and was then known as the County Hospital. In 1948 it became Buckland Hospital.

The hospital has been modified and extended in the decades since, culminating with the Physiotherapy building in the 1980s.

More information can be found in the New Dover Hospital Exhibition document.