Dermatology (skin) services

Friends Dermatology Centre

The Dermatology department is based at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital and offers a wide range general and specialist outpatient services, supported by a dedicated team of specialist and dermatology nurses. The department is actively involved in junior doctor/nursing teaching and in recruiting patients for clinical research studies. Some clinics are also offered at other sites throughout the trust. 

Find us

We are located on the main floor of the 1937 Building.

Please use the main entrance and follow the signs straight ahead.


  • Tel: 01227 783167

Urgent Skin Cancer Clinic

We provide a rapid access clinic three times a week at the Friends Dermatology Centre at Canterbury for any patient referred by the GP with suspicious skin lesion. In line with government guidelines this appointment should be within 2 weeks.

A history is taken and examination performed, then if necessary we can perform diagnostic or curative surgery of suspicious lesions on the day of attendance if we have capacity.

Information and advice

Our Dermatology service is developed on a 'Hub-and-spoke' model, with Friends Dermatology at the centre. 


Speciality Doctors

  • Dr Christine Reckling - Contact Allergy Specialist
  • Dr Kathy Sands - Vulval Dermatology Specialist
  • Dr Nicola Smith - Vulval Dermatology Specialist 
  • Dr Asha Rajeev - Audit Lead
  • Dr Sandra Varga - Phototherapy Lead
  • Dr Yasir Mirza - Speciality Doctor
  • Dr John Rine - Dermatology Surgery
  • Dr John Davison - Dermatology Surgery
  • Dr Elizabeth Julian - General Dermatology

Dermatology Matron

Tracy Anderson

Specialist nurses

  • Marcia Ruddock - Surgical Dermatology Nurse Specialist 
  • Heather Bennett - Lead Photherapy Nurse
  • Kim Peate - Cancer Nurse Specialist
  • Valerie Ellis - Dermatology Specialist Nurse
  • Karen Goddard - Dermatology Specialist Nurse

Staff nurses

  • Claire Harper-Brown
  • Jenni Murphy
  • Rebecca Carty
  • Nina Helman-Hayes
  • Linda Monk
  • Rose Austin

Phototherapy nurses

  • Danielle Boness
  • Chris Peters
  • Biddy Wan
  • Adi Adyinka

Health care assistants

  • Louise Hill
  • Jackie Andrews
  • Haley Peay
  • Rhiannon Champs
  • Debbie Barrass

Management team

  • Angeline Newbery - General Manager Specialist Services Division
  • Nicola Lindsey - Operations Manager Dermatology and Renal
  • Angela Hills - Dermatology Operations Manager

Support staff

  • Marni Gardiner - Skin Cancer MDT Co-Ordinator
  • Andrew Sears - Receptionist
  • Elizabeth Nagle - Waiting list co-ordinator
  • Lisa Cotter - Waiting list co-ordinator

Secretaries - Kent & Canterbury

  • Helen Peacock
  • Becca Motley
  • Sharon Hall
  • Zoe Webb
  • Gemma Larking
  • Emilie Morrison

Secretaries - William Harvey Hospital

  • Jessica Stanton
  • Lesley Fish 

Secretaries - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital

  • Anita Hougham
  • Kay Shaw - Admin Clerk 


Dr Rajeev is our audit lead and we run a comprehensive audit programme throughout the year. These are presented regularly.

Outpatient dermatology services are provided at: 


The Dermatology department in East Kent is very active in clinical research.  This enables our patients to be involved in clinical trials using new treatments for difficult dermatological conditions.  We are proud that our department is the lead recruiter to studies within the whole of Kent, Sussex and Surrey region for 2014-2015.  We are the lead recruiters in the UK for our eczema study investigating the relationship between food allergies and genetics in children with atopic eczema and in September 2015 we were the lead recruiters to BADBIR which is a database of patients taking systemic (oral treatment or injection treatment) for psoriasis.

 Currently our department is involved in studies in the following areas:

  1. Psoriasis (BADBIR, IMAP, BSTOP, ACCRUE and new biologic agents)
  2. Atopic eczema (susceptibility genes for atopic eczema and food allergies)
  3. Rosacea  (MUSE)
  4. Vitiligo (Hi-Light)
  5. Urticaria (AWARE)

Please talk to your doctor or nurse in clinic if you would like further information about any of our clinical trials and/or you would like to be involved.  You can also contact the research team by e-mail ekh-tr.EastKentResearchTeam@nhs.net


We established a new Dermatology training programme for Dermatology Specialty Registrars in 2010. We are proud that this was the first Higher Specialist Training Rotation within the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Deanery programme. Dermatology trainees spend 4 years in East Kent rotating between the East and West Kent Hospitals to ensure that they have completed all their training to become Consultant Dermatologists.  

It is very competitive to gain a place on a Dermatology training programme and our trainees are highly motivated and contribute greatly to the Dermatology care given to patients in East Kent. You may be seen by a Dermatology Specialty Registrar rather than a Consultant in clinic but be assured that they are experienced and work closely within the team to ensure appropriate and excellent care.