Mission, vision and values

Our mission and vision

Our mission is improving health and wellbeing and our vision is to deliver great healthcare from great people.

Our strategic themes

Our strategic themes are Quality and Safety, Patients, People, Partnerships and Sustainability.

Our pillars of change and strategic objectives

Our pillars of change and strategic objectives are driven by our response to Dr Kirkup’s report 'Reading the Signals', the importance of meeting national standards for planned, cancer and emergency care and the need to be financially sustainable by providing better care and reducing waste.

They are:

Quality and Safety

  • Reducing harm and delivering safe services


  • Patient, family and community voices

  • Timely access to care


  • Care and compassion

  • Engagement, listening and leadership


  • Organisational development


  • Financial sustainability.

Our values

Everything we do is underpinned by our values: People feel cared for, safe, respected and confident we are making a difference