Patient Participation and Action Group

The Patient Participation and Action Group (PPAG) meets every other month (November, January, March, May, July, and September). Meetings alternate between face to face and online. Face to face meetings take place in community venues around east Kent.

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers who work in partnership with the Trust’s Patient Voice and Involvement team and other staff. We share the Trust’s aim of improving services, and our special role is to provide the patients’, carers and community perspective.

We want everyone who comes to East Kent Hospital’s sites to feel that the care and treatment they receive is the best. The Trust’s Patient Voice and Involvement Strategy is aligned to the Trust’s Quality and Safety strategy.

What we do

We work with hospital staff in a variety of ways, including as members of hospital committees, following up trends in patient feedback, evaluating areas of the Trust as part its Ward Accreditation Scheme, and reviewing leaflets to make sure they are easy to understand.

Whatever skills and time you can give, we try and find an activity to fit.

What happens at meetings?

We report on progress since our last meeting and hear from hospital staff about recent patient feedback and developments within the Trust. We also discuss updates on the current year’s action plan. There may be a short presentation from a staff member about a topic of interest, and news from the Trust’s Board. Any fresh volunteering or training opportunities for members are announced.

Who can join?

Our Participation Partner role description describes the main duties and responsibilities of membership. Anyone over 18 who has been a patient or patient’s family member at East Kent Hospitals or who lives locally can apply to join us as a Participation Partner.  The work is not a legal contract and is unpaid, but travel expenses are reimbursed.

Get in touch

If you would like to become a Participation Partner, please fill in our application form below.

If you have any queries about getting involved, please email or text 07955 320771.