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Patient information

The directory holds patient information leaflets produced by the Trust along with resources from other NHS bodies and health organisations. These leaflets are not meant to replace the information discussed between you and your doctor, but can act as a starting point for such a discussion or as a useful reminder of the key points.

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Leaflet Ectropion
Leaflet Emergency treatment for patients with bleeding disorders
Leaflet Endo Bronchial Ultrasound Scan (EBUS)
Leaflet Endo-venous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of varicose veins
Leaflet Endometrial ablation
External Link Endoscopic (telescopic) treatment of an urethral stricture
Leaflet Entropion
External Link Environmental Control Service (Kent and Medway NHS Trust)
External Link Epidural advice and information: Labour Pains
External Link Epidural pain relief after surgery
External Link Epidural steroid injection for the treatment of pain
External Link Epilepsy Easy Read and audio leaflets Easy Read
External Link Epilepsy Society
External Link Epiretinal membrane
Leaflet Erb's Palsy
Leaflet ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography)
External Link Everyturn
External Link Excision or incision biopsy of a skin lesion
External Link Explain my procedure: Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Leaflet Expressing and handling breast milk in hospital
Leaflet Eye care card
Leaflet Eye donation for corneal transplant
External Link Facet joint medial branch blocks for the treatment of pain
External Link Facet Joint Rhizolysis/Radio Frequency Lesioning (Denervation) for the Treatment of Pain
Leaflet Factor VII deficiency
Leaflet Factor XI deficiency
External Link Falls prevention in hospital: a guide for patients, their families and carers
External Link FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) Awareness
Leaflet Fasting for your blood test
External Link Fathers and partners: coping with a traumatic birth
External Link Fatigue (Multiple Sclerosis Trust)
External Link Febrile convulsion: advice intended for parents/carers taking their child home after seeing a doctor
External Link Fever and rash advice sheet: advice for parents and carers of children
External Link Fever in children over 5 years: advice for parents and carers of children 5 years and older
External Link Fever in children under 5 years: advice for parents and carers of children younger than 5 years
Leaflet Finger PIP joint injuries
Leaflet Fistulogram
Leaflet Fistuloplasty/Venoplasty
External Link Fits, faints and funny turns advice sheet: advice for parents and carers
Leaflet Flat feet
Leaflet Flexible sigmoidoscopy
Leaflet Flexible sigmoidoscopy and gastroscopy
Leaflet Free prescriptions for patients with cancer diagnosis
External Link Freeing of preputial (foreskin) adhesions
External Link Frenuloplasty (lengthening of the penile frenulum)
Leaflet Fresnel prism
Leaflet Friends and Family Test (Easy Read and Text only) Easy Read
Leaflet Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
Leaflet Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) and Indocyanine Green Angiography (ICGA)
Leaflet Ganglion cysts