Staying in hospital

What to expect when you're coming in for an operation

Coronavirus information

You may wish to self-isolate for three days before the operation to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus and having a positive lateral flow test result, on the day of surgery. 

If you are unable to do this, we strongly recommend that you continue with strict social distancing for three days leading up to your procedure for your safety and to minimise risk of post-operative complications, should you develop coronavirus immediately following your surgery. 

Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay

You may be feeling anxious about being in hospital but keeping you safe and well is a priority for the staff looking after you. There are also some simple things you can do to help keep yourself safe during your hospital stay, such as asking for help when needed, protecting yourself from slips and falls and helping to prevent blood clots.

The following resources from NHS England provide tips on things you can do to look after your safety during your stay:

Coming to the hospital for tests before your surgery

We will invite you to an appointment at the hospital to check your health and prepare you for your surgery. This is called a pre-assessment.  

We will explain to you at your pre-assessment how to order a box of Lateral Flow Devices (LFD). We will need you to perform two lateral flow tests before your operation - one, three days before your operation, and one on the day of your surgery, before leaving home. 

You may also receive a phone call seven days prior to admission to ensure you have received your LFD’s and for further confirmation on how and when to take the tests.

When you arrive at the hospital

We will ask you to clean your hands at the entrance to the hospital. We will provide hand sanitising facilities so you can do this.

The day of your operation

We will ask you not to bring a friend or relative with you to accompany you on the day of your operation.

We understand this is very difficult for you and your loved ones, but we need to limit the number of people in the hospital to keep you, other patients and staff safe.

Vulnerable adults and children may be accompanied by one adult, this person and their family will need to isolate before the surgery, along with members of their household, and be tested for COVID-19 three days before the operation.

We are running our operating theatres and wards very differently at this time. This means we are caring for fewer patients at any one time, and take extra time between operations so we can ensure the areas where you will be treated and cared for are safe and that staff have appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Visiting while you are in hospital

From 10 June 2022 most patients will be able to have two visitors at the same time. You can also bring your tablet, iPad or phone to stay in touch with friends and relatives via video and phone calls.

Learn more about our visiting arrangements

Access free wifi

  • Connect to 'EK-Hospital-Free-Internet' in the Wifi settings on your smartphone or tablet

  • Ask a member of staff for the password

  • When you access a website you'll see our terms of use page - read through and follow the instructions

  • That's it, all done! Enjoy free internet use.

Maintaining a safe environment for patients having surgery

It is natural to be worried about coming into hospital at this time. We hope that all the actions we are taking to make sure our surgical areas are safe reassures you. Patients coming into hospital for planned surgery are cared for and treated by dedicated teams in the operating theatre and on the ward, where staff are only caring for patients who are having planned surgery. 

Thank you for helping us maintain your safety. Please respect the space of fellow patients and do not attend your appointments if you have any symptoms of the virus or any other infectious disease.

Please also be patient with our staff, who are working in new ways to maintain your safety.

We are doing everything we can to maintain the cleanliness of our hospitals with regular cleaning.

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the hospitals and cleaning wipes will be available for any touch screens or vending machines that you may use.  

Thank you again for all your help as we work together to keep everyone safe.