Dora and Maddie enjoy a cuddle in hospital

Canine cuddles help 93-year-old Dora recover

A grandmother had a ‘miracle recovery’ after hospital staff allowed her beloved dog to visit.

Dora Scrivener was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate after a fall, which left her on the floor overnight with her little dog Maddie by her side.

Family members brought Maddie to their house to look after her while Dora was in hospital, but it was clear she and her 93-year-old owner, who lives with dementia, were missing each other.

Dora’s daughter-in-law Karan, a nurse who works at Buckland Hospital in Dover, said: “Dora and Maddie have never been apart, and Maddie wasn’t eating and was looking very sad, and Dora was clearly missing her as well.

“I contacted Gemma King, from the dementia team at the hospital, to see if we could bring Maddie to the front entrance so they could see each other, but Gemma went above and beyond to arrange a proper visit.”

With the approval of senior staff, and strict infection prevention measures in place, the family were able to bring Maddie to the ward for a cuddle.

Karan said: “Dora lives for her dog and after we brought Maddie in and she was able to have her on her lap, she made a miraculous recovery.

“We are all so grateful to everyone involved in making this happen.”

Gemma said: “Hospitals can be confusing and frightening places for people living with dementia, who are missing their home environments and their loved ones – including their pets.

“We felt a visit from Maddie would give Dora a boost and it was wonderful to see the change in her during the visit.

“For many people, their pets are a real part of the family, and I’m delighted I was able to work with colleagues in the hospital to make the visit possible.”