Preceptorship Programme

Supporting newly qualified nurses

Our preceptorship programme runs over 12 months to make you, as a newly qualified nurse, feel valued, welcome and supported as you transition from student nurse to registered nurse.

Every nurse has been through this transition at some point, and during this period we want to offer you the best welcome and support we can.

What makes your preceptorship programme so good?

We have support and approval from our heads of nursing to release you to attend the programme days.

We are lucky enough to have Clare Herridge as our preceptorship programme lead to provide you with a point of contact. We also have clinical support and learning facilitators who are experienced, hands on, will teach you clinical skills, as well as support and monitor your progress in practice.

Your work place will ensure you have a preceptor allocated to you before you start work. They will support and guide you to develop prioritisation skills, ward leadership and supervise you to achieve the clinical competencies that are essential for your role. Feedback will be shared with you throughout the preceptorship period.

Your ward managers have been asked to provide a period of two weeks supernumerary working, however this varies in each work area. Depending on where you work, managers may offer a shorter supernumerary period and others may consider the need to extend.

What is Preceptorship?

The NMC define preceptorship as “a period to guide and support all newly qualified practitioners to make the transition from student to develop their practice further.”

The preceptorship programme at East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust is founded on values which are reflected in our vision and mission statement. Our strategic objectives refer to the 4Ps; People, Patient, Partnership and Provisions. To explore this further you can access them through ekhuft.nhs.uk/priorities

We make every effort to create a supportive environment, preceptees will be taught to recognise and raise concerns safely.

We are very keen for you to share your concerns with us so that in partnership we can address them. Whilst your status as newly qualified nurses with professional registration is common to all, your fears and anxieties will be unique to individuals.  Our objective is therefore to provide a preceptorship that is person-centred and tailored to meet individual needs. 

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