Privacy Notice Patient ID

Last updated: 2022-02-10

This privacy notices supplements the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Privacy Notice.

Personal Information

What data do you collect?

We collect and process your basic personal details needed to allow you to access online health services, including:

  • your email address and mobile phone number

  • your given name and last name

  • your date of birth

  • your address and postcode

  • your NHS number (and any hospital identifiers used by East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust)

We may also collect and process:

  • your GP ODS code

  • audit data and event logs

  • online identifiers, like your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses

What do you use this data for?

We use this data to:

  • to provide you with a user account used to access online services

  • to verify your identity

  • to ensure the security of your account

  • to communicate with you

  • to match your account with our records

  • to keep your records up-to-date

When using your Patient ID account to access our online health services, you may be asked to consent to additional processing related to that service.


Patient ID does not currently use any web analytics.


We put small files called cookies onto your device when you access Patient ID. These cookies are strictly necessary, meaning they are required for Patient ID to function.

 Cookie Name Purpose
*_patient_id_session This cookie is used to store your logged-in state. Without this cookie you are unable to log in.
XSRF-TOKEN This cookie is used to help maintain the security of Patient ID.