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Breast Cancer

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Call our cancer care line on 01227 868666.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 4pm.

What we do

Our breast cancer care team care for people with suspected breast cancer.

If you are worried about breast cancer symptoms, please see your GP. If necessary, your GP will refer you to the hospital for tests. This may include breast x-rays (mammograms), ultrasound or biopsies.

What to expect

All patients referred to our breast clinics are seen within two weeks from the date we received the GP referral.

Your first assessment may take place in a One Stop clinic. All relevant tests are carried out during this one appointment.

Patients for One Stop slots are chosen based on symptoms, age and any relevant family history.

If you have been recalled for further tests following a breast screening, you may be referred to one of our breast clinics for treatment and/or further diagnostic tests.

Diagnosis and next steps

Most people who are seen at a breast clinic will not have breast cancer. However, it is still important to attend your breast clinic appointment so you can be fully assessed.

If your test results suggest you have breast cancer, our team will contact you to introduce you to your Breast Care Nurse Specialist and explain the next steps.

Your case will be discussed by your breast cancer care team in their multidisciplinary (MDT) meeting to arrange the best care plan for you.

We aim to offer you treatment within 31 days after the MDT meeting.

Please remember the breast cancer team are here for you throughout your treatment. You can contact us via the cancer care line on 01227 868666.

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Where to find us

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