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What we do

Our children's hearing team diagnose and treat problems with hearing loss in children.

About your appointment

If your child is a hearing aid user please make sure your child is wearing their hearing aids or that you bring them with you.

We ask that you try not to bring any other young children with you as this can make hearing tests difficult. Your child may become distracted and this can affect the reliability of their results.

All children must attend appointments with a parent or guardian. If the patient is over the age of 14, they are welcome to attend alone, as long as they are able to give consent for any tests or procedures.

Please contact us if you require an interpreter or any additional support before your appointment.

Most hearing tests take been 30-45 minutes. It may take longer depending on the type of test. We will advise you before the test, if more time will be needed.

During your appointment we will:

  • discuss the reason for your child's referral and any concerns you have

  • assess the conditions of your child's ear

  • play a game to test your child's hearing

  • discuss the results of the hearing test.

If there's anything you are not sure of, or if you have any questions, please ask the audiologist.

If your child needs to be seen again we will contact you with another appointment either by letter or telephone.

If your child is identified with a hearing loss, this will be discussed with you by your audiologist or consultant. We will support you through the diagnosis and offer further investigation, so we can better understand and help with your child’s hearing loss.

Where to find us

Our clinics are held at:

How to use this service

If you are worried about your child's hearing, please speak to your GP. They can refer you to our service.