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What we do

Our children's hearing team investigate, diagnose and manage problems with hearing loss in children and young people.

About your appointment

For audiologist led clinics, you will be contacted to discuss your child’s hearing concerns.

The hearing assessment techniques will be explained to you and an appointment will be booked. Please contact us if you need to change or cancel this appointment.

When testing infants, children and young people, we need to reduce the amount of distractions with the room. Therefore, only one adult can be with the child during the test.

If you have other children, they should not be brought into the appointment. Please bring another adult to wait with additional children in the reception area.

When you arrive at any of our centres, please report to the reception area. Our reception staff will help you to find the correct waiting area. A member of our clinical team will then collection you from the waiting area.

There are a number of audiological tests that can be performed to understand your child’s ability to hear. None of the tests we perform are painful, however your child may not like them. At every stage a member of the clinical team will explain the test and what you or your child may need to do, so please do not worry. 

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How to use this service

If you are worried about your child's hearing, please speak to your GP. They can refer you to our service.