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What we do

Our children's occupational therapy (OT) service offers assessment and support for children with conditions that impact their ability to complete every-day tasks.

Children we see have complex, severe or enduring physical/developmental conditions. They may have difficulties with:

  • self care: getting dressed, using the toilet, preparing and eating meals

  • productivity: going to or participating at school or college, accessing community facilities and clubs

  • leisure: playing sports, shopping with friends, or doing hobbies.

We see children aged 0-18 in a community setting. This could be at our clinic, in your home or your child's school.

The occupational therapist will aim to see your child in the place where they are having difficulties.

What to expect

Our first assessment may include observing your child taking part in a range of activities. Our assessments are often play based. They include every-day tasks such as using cutlery, getting dressed, kicking or catching a ball. 

The occupational therapist will support you and your child, to help them to do the activities that are important to you and your child.

We may:

  • suggest alternative ways of doing things

  • provide advice on learning new approaches and techniques

  • make changes to the environment, for example, through using equipment or adaptations.

If your child needs more occupational therapy, we will contact you or we may signpost your child onto another service. We will work with you and your child to agree the best outcome.

Where to find us

Our service is mainly provided within community settings such as:

  • schools

  • children's centres

  • patients' own homes, or

  • in our own clinics 

    • Rainbow Centre, Ashford

    • The Children’s Assessment Unit at Buckland Hospital 

    • The Beacon, Folkestone.

Please note children and young people with a Canterbury, Faversham or Thanet GP need to refer to Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.

How to use this service

Your child can be referred to our service by:

  • yourself (parent or carer)

  • a teacher

  • a health visitor

  • a nursery

  • a GP, or

  • another healthcare professional.

See our referral information for inclusion criteria and a link to the form, under the Children and Young People's Therapy Service.