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Orthotics (patient appliances)

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Telephone: 01227 864254

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

What we do

Orthotics is the design, manufacture and application of devices that are added to the outside of your body.

We provide a range of orthoses, braces and specialist footwear to:

  • help with your movement

  • correct deformity

  • relieve pain or discomfort.

Our team of orthotists assess, measure, provide and fit your device. We'll plan a prescription to suit your needs.

Repair service

We offer a repair service for all appliances that we provide, where appropriate. This includes:

  • surgical footwear

  • adapted footwear

  • ankle foot orthosis (AFOs)

  • knee braces/KAFOs

  • ankle braces¬†fabric supports.

Where to find us

How to use this service

Your GP or consultant can refer you to our orthotics department.