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Adult Acute Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

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Kent and Canterbury Hospital

William Harvey Hospital

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital

Head and neck cancer speech and language services

What we do

Our speech and language team (SLT) provide treatment, support and care for adults with swallowing, communication or voice conditions.

We provide services for patients on our acute inpatient wards.

We have specialists in:

  • head and neck cancer

  • neurological conditions

  • stroke

  • critical care.

We also provide fibreoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and videofluoroscopy clinics.

Both examinations enable our team to see exactly what happens during swallowing, informing specialist recommendation of exercises, different positions to eat or drink in, or different types of food or drink.

For community speech and language therapy services, visit the Kent Community Health website.

Where to find us

How to use this service

Referrals to our service are received directly from staff on the ward in our hospitals only.

If you have concerns regarding yourself, a relative or friend who are an inpatient at any of our three acute hospitals, please speak with a member of staff on the ward who can make a referral to our service on your behalf.