Our Preceptorship programme

We offer all newly registered practitioners will a 12-month Preceptorship programme to support the transition into the registered role in clinical practice.

The NMC define preceptorship as “a period to guide and support all newly qualified practitioners to make the transition from student to develop their practice further.”

Preceptorship aims to provide you with the support, guidance and development needed to build confidence and achieve clinical competency as an autonomous practitioner. You will be supported by a nominated Preceptor in practice, and you will be invited to attend monthly support sessions which will provide you with the opportunity to network and develop relationships with your peers.

Preceptorship at EKHUFT offers you

  • Preceptorship Week

  • Combined Medicines training

  • Urethral Catheterisation training

  • Monthly support sessions to share experiences and learn from practice

  • Workshop resources with monthly themed topics for learning

  • Peer feedback and support

  • Preceptorship portfolio to record progress available online through Google Classroom

  • Online platform for support and guidance from the Workforce, Development, Education & Training Team

  • Preceptorship Lead to direct any enquiries or concerns

  • Clinical Skills & Learning Facilitator support in practice

  • CPD hours for NMC revalidation

  • Certificate of achievement on completion of the programme.

Preceptorship support

We are lucky enough to have Clare Herridge as our Trust Preceptorship Lead who will teach you clinical skills, as well as support and monitor your progress in practice.

We have support and approval from our Care Group Heads of Nursing to release you to attend study days as allocated across the 12 month programme. Some Care Groups additionally have designated Practice Development/Education teams to support your progress.

Your work place will ensure you have a Preceptor allocated to you before you start work. They will support you and guide you to develop prioritisation skills, ward leadership and supervise you to achieve the clinical competencies that are essential for your role. Feedback will be shared with you throughout the preceptorship period to support your continued progress.

Your Ward Managers will also provide you with a minimum period of two weeks supernumerary working. Some areas will offer a longer supernumerary period as needed.

If you have any concerns, we will support you and address them as needed. Whilst your status as newly registered practitioner is common to all, your fears and anxieties will be unique to you as an individual. Our objective is therefore to provide a preceptorship that is person-centred and tailored to meet individual needs.