Our recruitment process

The East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Resourcing team deal with all aspects of recruitment for all staff groups which it employs, including medically qualified professionals. As such, recruitment for all Trust vacancies is undertaken centrally via NHS Jobs and NHS Professionals respectively. 

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust only accepts applications completed via NHS Jobs.

Application forms submitted via any third party recruitment agency or website will not be accepted and the Trust will not make any arbitrary offers of employment in response to such applications.  

If you have received any such offer of employment, please contact the local counter fraud specialist, Gemma Higginson at

Work permits

Foreign nationals who want to work in the UK need to have a work permit. For more information about work permits please go to the Home Office's Working in the UK website.

Top tips for completing an NHS job application

Qualifications and employment history

The first section of the form covers your education, professional qualifications and employment history.

For your qualifications, make sure the dates provided are accurate as you will be asked to provide evidence of these qualifications.

When completing your work experience, ensure your working dates are correct and as much detail regarding your duties and responsibilities are provided – think about your day to day activities plus anything you’ve had to learn from; detailing this as if you are explaining it to somebody with no experience in the field.

If you have gaps in employment you will need to enter details of these in the ‘Gaps in Employment’ section.

Person Specification

Read all points and questions thoroughly and detail in full why you would fit that criteria – referencing past experience and growth. It is your chance to shine.

All vacancies are different, it is rare that the same job shall continue to be available therefore consider what the application is looking for from your application and adapt each time.

Use examples effectively

Use specific examples of your previous experiences to demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria for the role.

To help you describe your examples, follow the STAR method:

  • Situation/Task Set the context/introduction

  • Action What you did, when, where, why, and who was involved?

  • Result What was the outcome of your action?

  • Reflection Alternative action/result– how could things be done differently?

Recruitment process

See below for more information on each of the steps in our recruitment process.