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Patient information

The directory holds patient information leaflets produced by the Trust along with resources from other NHS bodies and health organisations. These leaflets are not meant to replace the information discussed between you and your doctor, but can act as a starting point for such a discussion or as a useful reminder of the key points.

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Format Title
Leaflet Gastritis
Leaflet Gastroscopy
Leaflet Gastroscopy / Oesophageal dilation
Leaflet Gastroscopy / PEG
Leaflet Gastroscopy / Varices
Leaflet General advice for patients with bleeding disorders
External Link General anaesthesia: a brief guide for young people
Leaflet General anaesthetic and sedation: aftercare advice
Leaflet General care of vulval skin
Leaflet Genetic testing for inherited bleeding disorders
External Link Genital herpes in pregnancy: information for you
Leaflet Gestational diabetes: what you need to know
External Link Get your free flu jab Easy Read
External Link Getting ready for a talk about your health Easy Read
External Link Getting the right help when your child is unwell
Leaflet Glandular fever
Leaflet Glasses and testing for glasses (Hospital Refraction)
Leaflet Glaucoma
Leaflet Globus Pharyngeus
Leaflet Glucagon test
Leaflet Glue ear, grommets, and adenoids
External Link Going home from the Neonatal Unit: a guide
Leaflet Going home with a pigtail drain
Leaflet Graded Motor Imagery (GMI)
External Link Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy and newborn babies
External Link Guide to bottle feeding: how to prepare infant formula and sterilise bottles
Leaflet Gynaecological Rapid Access Clinic (RAC)
Leaflet Gynaecological surgery: aftercare advice
Leaflet Gynaecology tests and symptom relief procedures
Leaflet Gynaecology wound care: information for patients after surgery
External Link Haemophilia Centre Locator: an EAHAD and EHC project
Leaflet Haemorrhoid surgery or Sphincterotomy: aftercare advice
Leaflet Haemtrack
Leaflet Hallux Valgus (bunion removal): aftercare advice
Leaflet Hallux Valgus and Lesser toe conditions
Leaflet Hand or wrist operations: aftercare advice
External Link Having a cataract operation Easy Read
External Leaflet Having a CT scan at the hospital (Easy Read and Text only) Easy Read
Leaflet Having a flexible cystoscopy: examining your bladder
Leaflet Having a gallbladder operation
Leaflet Having a hearing aid assessment at the hospital
Leaflet Having a hearing aid fitted at the hospital
Leaflet Having a hearing test at the hospital
Leaflet Having a kidney biopsy: your questions answered
External Leaflet Having a Nasogastric (NG) Tube (Easy Read and Text only) Easy Read
Leaflet Having a platelet function test
Leaflet Having a sentinel lymph node biopsy and wide local excision for malignant melanoma
Leaflet Having a transperineal biopsy of the prostate
Leaflet Having a transplant kidney biopsy: your questions answered
Leaflet Having a transrectal ultrasound scan and prostate biopsy