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Patient information

The directory holds patient information leaflets produced by the Trust along with resources from other NHS bodies and health organisations. These leaflets are not meant to replace the information discussed between you and your doctor, but can act as a starting point for such a discussion or as a useful reminder of the key points.

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Format Title
External Link Miracle Moon
Leaflet Mirena Intra Uterine System (Mirena Coil)
External Link Mitrofanoff Support
Leaflet Moderate Haemophilia A
Leaflet Moderate Haemophilia B
Leaflet Morton's Neuroma
External Link Motor Neurone Disease Association
External Link Motor Neurone Disease Association: East Kent Group
External Link Mouth Cancer Foundation
External Link MPN Voice
External Link MS Society
Leaflet Musculoskeletal corticosteroid injection
External Link My Health Passport: for autistic people
Leaflet My Healthcare Passport
Leaflet My Neuro-Rehab Journal
Leaflet My role and my responsibilities in helping to improve my recovery: Steps to a successful recovery start before my operation
Leaflet My Stroke Passport
External Leaflet My urinary catheter passport
External Link My visit to Children's Audiology (patient video)
Leaflet Mycophenolate Mofetil
External Link Myeloma UK
Leaflet Myosure
Leaflet Naevus Imaging Clinic
Leaflet Nasal douching after surgery
External Link National Bobath Cerebral Palsy Centre
External Link National Deaf Children's Society
External Link National Organisation for FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)
External Link National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society
Leaflet Nausea and vomiting with pregnancy
Leaflet Neck pain / injury: aftercare advice
Leaflet New diagnosis of severe haemophilia: where to get support
External Link Newborn hearing screening (NHS)
Leaflet Newborn jaundice
Leaflet Newborn pulse oximetry screening
External Link NHS Blood and Transplant
External Link NHS Health Check
External Link NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
Leaflet NHS Steroid Emergency Card
External Link NHS: Health A to Z of conditions and treatment
External Link NHS: Help with health costs
External Link NHS: Live Well
Leaflet Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) at home explained
Leaflet Non-Specific Symptoms (NSS) Faster Diagnostics Service
Leaflet Nose bleeds
Leaflet Nose bleeds and suspected broken nose: aftercare advice
Leaflet Nurse telephone pre-assessment
External Link Obesity and its effects on the pelvic floor
External Link Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Leaflet Occupational Therapy in POPS (Perioperative care for Older People undergoing Surgery)
External Link Off to the best start: important information about feeding your baby